Shamraiz Mehdi

"l have previously sough Nick's help in completing some migration related documents. The opportunity to employ an offshore staff under Nick's supervision was an opportunity l saw a lot of potential in for my business. 

He recommended a young executive. l interviewed him and got him on−board straight away. Within a week he was confident enough to start working without my supervision. lt would have been impossible to find someone of his calibre in Australia. The best part, l am paying a fraction of what l would have paying to an Australian employee. 

l couldn't be happier and am in the process of hiring another staff through Nick".

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MARA Migration Consultant (MARN 1465452)

 MBA, PGC (lMMl Law)

Keeny Lee

"l engaged Migration Business Services to provide assistance on his paralegal service and it was the best decision l've made. l like the extra layer of management over the virtual assistance who can help us monitor the performance of staff. Nick, who is the principal for the business ensures the customer service quality is met at high standard. l therefore strongly recommend this service for business start− ups, entrepreneurs and business owners!"

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Aussie Dream Migration & Education

Jennifer B

“l have a lot of respect for Nick Sharrock, owner of Migration Business Services. My business has greatly benefited from hiring a migration paralegal since October 2017. Nick provided me with several great candidates for me to interview and allowed me to use my own recruitment processes to select a wonderful paralegal. My business and lifestyle quickly improved and l’m a much happier business owner, able to take on more clients and streamline my processes. l can trust Laverne to take on processes that l have come to find tedious, or processes that with me no longer doing, free me up to engage with clients more 

l have used offshore assistants before and was eventually dissatisfied. One of the many things that is different for MBS is that Nick is regularly onsite with his paralegals. Although l gave Laverne training to suit my business its gives me great peace of mind to know that Laverne can go to Nick, or any other of the paralegals for guidance. l love that the MBS can draw upon each others strengths to provide their clients with a consistent and efficient high quality service. They are a most respectful and courteous team and often brighten my day. Thanks MBS!”

MARA: 1278277

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